Angel D. Gonzalez Jr.

Coach Gonzalez has been the Lady Knights Head Volleyball Coach since 2014. His coaching experience, however, began in 2011 as an assistant coach at Chisolm Trail Academy for the Lady Blazers. Currently, he is still involved with both teams and looks forward to a promising future for both. 

Refelcting on the 2015 volleyball season, Coach Gonzalez says, "We had a lot of up and downs but we never lost our focus. We learned that we won't always win, but giving up is never an option." Though the season did not end with as many victories as they had hoped, this season was a step in the right direction, towards improvement and growth. 

"My goal is to keep improving the program," says Coach Gonazelz as he anxiously anticipates the new season. "I trust that God will lead me to make good decisions for the Lady Knights." 

If you would like to become a Lady Knight and you have the talent, desire and courage to be part of this team, contact Coach Gonzalez for more information. 

Email:   Phone: 817-659-0475