Coach Luis Negrete

Coach Negrete brings over fifteen years of soccer coaching to the Knights program. He has been the Knights head coach for five seasons and the Lady Knights head coach for three. "Five seasons into this, our goals are clearly defined and the increase in our level of competition from season to season has become noticeable," says Coach Negrete.

Reflecting on the Knights 2015 season, the most challenging obstacle Coach had to face was the influx of young players who were new to college level soccer. Out of the twenty two names on his roster, eleven were freshmen. Though it was a challenge this year in trying to train these young men in such a short amount of time, this does give hope for a promising future. There is no doubt that the energy these young men brought and the experience of the veterans on the team contributed to the growth in the competition level of the Knights.

Though he is very proud of the growth he see's in his men and women's teams out on the field, he is also proud of the accomplishments they have achieved off the field as well. Our soccer players are "among the best in the classroom," says Coach Negrete.  "Many members of our team also hold all some type of leadership position within their major's organizations and clubs...Our athletes are well balanced in everything in life." 

Coaching both Men and Women's teams has given Coach Negrete the opportunity to lead fifty young people, not only in enhancing their soccer skills, but also in knowing Christ as their personal Savior. "This is the part of coaching that words cannot express. The opportunity to see a young person make a decision for Christ is priceless. If we can foster a Christ caring environment for them, I believe the Holy Spirit will assist these kids in making good decisions in life."

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Knights soccer family, please contact Coach Negrete.

Email:    Phone: 214-802-4720